Usage instructions Collamask

The speed of obtaining the desired result directly affect the correct use of cosmetics. It is necessary to remember the mandatory condition: apply ONLY on cleansed with special agents to the skin. One soap is often not enough, so cosmetologists recommend to use cleansing milk, gel cleanser, sometimes a scrub, if not contraindicated.

After cleansing, do the following:

  • a fairly thick layer of mask;
  • to take a comfortable position;
  • for 20 minutes to relax, enjoying the therapeutic effect;
  • after the specified time, the person should wash with warm water;
  • you then need to apply any moisturizer.

Use of regenerating invention is recommended 1 times a week for oily skin, 2 times for dry.

Indications for use Collamask

Rejuvenating mask for face Collamask can be used for any skin type. The minimum age is 25 years. The maximum age is not limited. Cosmetic rejuvenation is useful when:

  • the first appearance of facial wrinkles;
  • the fading of the skin, her age sagging;
  • age-related changes color exterior cover face;
  • the appearance of deep wrinkles;
  • dry, sagging skin.

Contraindications to the use of Collamask

Contraindications this product is. Does not cause allergic reactions. Does not clog pores (no comedogenic).

If you have problems dermatological nature or hypersensitive immune system (frequent allergies), consult your doctor.