How to fight wrinkles is an effective mask and massage

The causes of early appearance of wrinkles

Natural processes change the state of the skin gradually. The first signs of decrease in elasticity appear after 25 years. Visible changes can be seen on the face of the 30-year-old.

Sometimes wrinkles appear earlier for the following reasons:

  • High expression activity. People who have all emotions can be "read" in the face — the first candidates for the appearance of "crow's feet" around the eyes and transverse wrinkles on the forehead.
  • Abuse sunburn. UV radiation quickly dries the skin, with age, she is recovering slowly. Dry the epidermis leads to the appearance of numerous small folds.
  • Pernicious habits. Smoking, alcohol, poor nutrition are equally dangerous. Lack of sleep, rare walking also lead to rapid aging of the body.
  • Hereditary characteristics, diseases, heavy physical work and work related eye strain provoked the appearance of wrinkles.
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How to fight wrinkles facial expressions

The first wrinkles appeared on the face of mimic. The reason for their appearance — active contraction of the facial muscles.

To slow down the process of wrinkling, use our tips:

  1. Try to control your emotions. This does not apply to pleasant situations. To smile is good for health, laughter prolongs life and makes it positive. And knit his brow, squinting in the sun is not necessary.
  2. Pick cosmetic products for age and skin type. After 30 years the skin the necessary care. And sometimes — and at an earlier age.
  3. Nourish the skin with moisture. Hydrated, it looks younger. To retain moisture will help tools with hyaluronic acid and ceramides.
  4. Keep the epidermis by means of peeling. To get rid of peeling particles with age the skin more difficult.
  5. Protect face and body from ultraviolet radiation, frost, strong wind. Adverse weather conditions Deplete the skin structure.
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How to fight wrinkles on the face in a "nutshell": to lead a healthy life and take care of the skin.

Fighting wrinkles at home: methods

Skin to breathe, was saturated with moisture and valuable nutrients that looked "100%" necessary internal and external methods of influence.

Rules only 3:

  • Regularly use ready-made tools that are suitable to your skin type, use an effective folk recipes;
  • Eat high quality foods;
  • Massage and gymnastics of the face.

Herbal and natural ingredients help maintain the skin's PH balance normal levels of collagen and elastin to give the agencies the necessary amount of elasticity. Well hydrated skin glows, looks younger.

Proper nutrition — the basis of healthy skin, hair, internal organs.

Eating foods rich in fatty acids, vitamins, mineral elements, you will not only spend prevention against wrinkles, but also improve the body as a whole.

When we struggle with wrinkles at home, it is important to do this comprehensively. Help to nutritional mixtures, masks, useful products designed facial massage and exercises to prevent distortion of the contour, the appearance of double chin and loss of elasticity.

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What components increase the elasticity

Cosmetics is an important element of skin care face. Choose a mask and cream with a light texture and components, specially selected with regard to age. The needs of the skin in different age periods differ. Some are better exposed on the surface of the structure, others penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

It is important to apply correctly, without stretching the skin and not rubbing in the cream with excessive force.

If you already have wrinkles, how to deal with cosmetic? Advise:

  • For moisture and elasticity of the cream should contain elastin and collagen, hyaluronic acid, polyunsaturated fatty acids. Beneficial effects on the skin have vitamin K, E, A, minerals, essential oils, lecithin;
  • If the skin is prone to irritation, choose the funds, which include panthenol, allantoin, extracts of green tea and aloe Vera;
  • Helps against puffiness vitamin K;
  • To reduce the depth of wrinkles by using coenzyme Q10, plant extracts, vitamins A, ;
  • Peptides revive the natural collagen fibers, stimulate the production of elastin, but only work with regular use.

Plants vs wrinkles

The skin perceives natural ingredients. And the strongest extraction without harm to health can give the plant material.

To save money, many women go to the trick: in the universal cream added extracts and essential oils of herbs and flowers, while achieving the desired effect for the skin. How to fight wrinkles on the face at home with plants?


Moisturizes, smoothes, eliminates the minor inflammation. A piece of aloe put it in the fridge for half an hour, cut in half, cold, wet flesh gently wipe face. Especially pay attention to dry areas.

After drying may be slight emissiones habent is the right effect, a natural facelift.

The essential oil of peach, apricot, almond

Great for moisturizing and improving the complexion. Can be used for around the eye area. Add oil a few drops in a homemade hydrating mask, or use it in pure form. To oil better nourished, apply it with patting movements of the fingertips.

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Olive oil

Rich in vitamin E, it quickly improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, helps moisture stay in the skin structures. If you are not allergic to fruit acids, olive oil is good to mix with lemon juice.

Applying this composition on the face for 15-20 minutes, you will additionally make a little bit of whitening effect of the skin.

Mask popular recipes

Traditional medicines used for the prevention and reduction of wrinkles have appeared.

The masks are useful at any age:

  1. Black bread crumble, soak milk, weight distribution on the face, including the area around the eyes. After 15 minutes, rinse using a tonic.
  2. Oatmeal mixed with egg white and a spoon of honey. Mask apply on face and leave it to under shania. Carefully remove and wipe the face thin. It is not recommended to use water.
  3. Raw potatoes, finely grated, spread on the eye area, leave on for 15-20 minutes. Well reduces puffiness and refreshes the look.
  4. Cucumber grate, to distribute all over the face. To hold a quarter of an hour to relieve swelling, moisturize, improve the complexion.
  5. Fresh strawberries and mash them with a fork, add a spoonful of cream, apply on face. Helps to regulate fatty secretions, rejuvenates and refreshes.
  6. Egg yolk mix with olive oil in equal proportions, add a few drops of lemon juice. Apply on face, leave for 20 minutes. Wash with milk and cotton pads.

Massage for face

Deciding how to fight wrinkles at home, do not forget about gymnastics and massage.

Self-manipulation will help to disperse the lymph, improve blood circulation, increase the elasticity of the skin.

Clean the face and apply a DAB of petroleum jelly or olive oil.

  • With your fingertips massage your face on a massage lines: from the center of the forehead to the temples, from the wings of the nose to the cheeks, the contours of the face oval, chin.
  • Attach your index fingers to the nose - lip folds, pressing climb up to the lower eyelid, then come back.
  • The pads of two fingers do point to the pressure on the borders of the eyelids top and bottom.
  • Press the eyes to the base of the palms. A little pressure, try a couple of times to raise and lower the eyebrows, hands down. Repeat several times.

Do not forget about the beneficial properties of moisture. Wash your face not water from the tap, a micellar water or tonic. Inside take at least 1.5 liters of clean water (mineral or artesian wells). To quickly refresh your face, keep in the freezer frozen cubes of aloe juice or cucumber. Wiping the skin, you will feel the pleasant tingling that happens a tightening effect.

The skin thanks for leaving a nice color, elasticity, absence of edema. This is a great gift to myself for women at any age.