Beauty treatments face rejuvenation after 50 years

Most modern women try to regularly visit beauty salons.Now there is a wide range of skin care and rejuvenating treatments. If you find an experienced cosmetologist and persistently do with their appearance, it is possible to make joint efforts to achieve good results rejuvenation.

Age-related changes and the causes of skin aging

With the onset of menopause in a woman's body there are hormonal changes. Important elements such as collagen and elastin almost cease to be produced, which immediately affects the skin condition. Due to lower estrogen sebaceous glands are also very sluggish. The skin after 50 years becomes dry, it becomes thinner. Often after such changes appear on the skin pigmentation age, it loses its elasticity and firmness.

After 50 years not only has the folds and wrinkles on the face, the face floats, the skin sags. Particularly noticeable are changes in the cheeks. In the area of the forehead have deep wrinkles, deepening nasolabial folds. Form age becomes another, because the skin there is lowered under the eyes you can often see dark circles. In the area of the upper lip, cheeks and chin are beginning to grow hair.

Irreversible age-related changes occur throughout the body and there's no escape. Most women do not despair and start looking for methods to preserve their attractiveness and youth. Currently, the rejuvenation of facial skin is a very real problem. To improve the condition of the skin, halt the aging process need to find a good beautician that will find the necessary method.

Skin care face

Surpassing 45 years of age, women increasingly show signs of aging. They are mainly associated with the cessation of reproductive activity. This is a difficult period and every woman it manifests itself in different ways. If you look at the appearance, then after 50 years the skin begins to age much faster. For this reason, the problem of rejuvenation is very important for many women of Mature age.

Facial rejuvenation after 501

There are many ways and methods to slow the aging process, if you actively take the right steps. Among the ways of rejuvenating:

  • folk medicine;
  • various cosmetic products;
  • beauty treatment;
  • plastic surgery.

There is also methods are common, which boil down to the intake of various vitamins and anti-aging products. It is clear that to return the youth will not succeed, but using all possible means quite possible to achieve effective results. If properly applied all possible methods, you can start the process of rejuvenation and skin structure will be better, more fresh and taut.

Folk medicine

Most folk remedies of rejuvenation is always available and safe. The only exception is an allergic reaction to individual components. Basically, all used folk remedies enable the work of the internal forces of the body and if this is done correctly, the processes will be active.

In the morning it is better to wash with cool water. And try to splash water on her face to give tone wrinkles. The procedure will contribute to the hardening of the muscles, they are under stretch. If the procedure is repeated daily, in the chin , around the eyes the skin becomes more elastic.

Very well after washing, use ice cubes from pure water, and even better from a decoction of herbs —chamomile, calendula. The procedure helps to reduce pores and facial muscles, thereby pulling them.

It is recommended to use herbal decoction to wipe face. For this purpose are great — chamomile, mint, thyme, sage. In addition, many herbs can be used indoors, make a fragrant and healthy tea. Their positive effect will manifest itself throughout the body and affect the skin.

Such a plant, as aloe is known for its healing properties. The juice of this plant can wipe face aloe Vera to tone and moisturize the skin. Also good to use the juice or pulp of citrus fruits. There are many recipes of masks that you can easily make at home. They are very effective and can restore skin elasticity, smooth out little wrinkles. Such procedures should be regular to achieve visible results.

Traditional treatment

Cosmetics manufacturers offer a wide range of various cosmetic products, including professional. You can buy them in shops and pharmacies, but you need to know how to choose the right tool. Also need to correctly use beauty care products for skin.

The first step in skin care is cleansing and skin toning. In adulthood, the skin responds to various corrosive components that are in ordinary water from the tap. Great harm she inflicts soap, it dries the skin. In addition, folk remedies you can use tonic without alcohol.

The perfect remedy will be the massage of the face, it will serve as good preparation before applying various means. It takes no more than 10-15 minutes of time. Using the middle and index fingers of your hands you need to make soft circular movements, trying to smooth out deep wrinkles starting from the frontal part. Gradually from the forehead you need to go to the temples, eyes, nose, then mouth and chin. At the end of the massage to apply the cream on the face.

Hydration and nutrition must be done with the help of cosmetic products intended for a certain age. Buying them, you should always pay attention to the product. It should be a great composition of vitamins, minerals and multi vitamins as well as retinol, glycolic acid and other useful components.

Salon treatments

The natural desire to stay longer young and beautiful leads many women to visit beauty salons, centers, clinics. They offer a wide variety of treatments and operations. More information can be found on numerous websites and forums. The most popular no surgical methods of rejuvenating facial skin and body, including after 50 years.

Facial rejuvenation after 502

Laser resurfacing — with its help it is possible to achieve effective elimination of pigmentation, smoothing uneven skin texture. The laser penetrates deep into the skin surface without damaging it, does not cause unpleasant consequences.

Photo lifting it allows without a knife and fear activate metabolic processes, improve the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin cells. The method will help to make the skin more elastic , supple, remove dark spots. Wrinkles after a course of treatments become less noticeable but not completely disappear.

Chemical peeling in many beauty chemical peels is glycolic acid. The procedure accelerates the processes of cell renewal, which beneficially affect the texture of the skin. Also improves blood circulation, complexion, as old and dead skin cells are removed, the skin breathes.

Injection is operating and efficient way. The procedure is carried out with the help of injections with specially selected products. The injections are injected in problem areas of the face. Injectables:

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • Botox, Dysport.

The procedure is virtually painless without the use of General anesthesia. The patient can lead a normal lifestyle and engage in the procedures.

Mesotherapy is a method based on the introduction of small doses of drugs and vitamins of natural origin. The procedure is effective for sagging skin if there is a second chin. The drug is chosen individually, taking into account characteristics of the patient's skin.

Facelift with threads — this method is used for tightening of facial contours, lifting effect after the conduct persists from 2 to 7 years.

Facial rejuvenation after 503

Plastic surgery

Such methods are suitable only in cases where the patient has on the face of a pronounced age-related changes. Before surgery it is necessary to consider features of the organism, not to harm health. All operations are performed under General anesthesia, because the surgical incisions are performed, then there is tightening of the skin around the oval of the face. After surgery, you may notice wrinkles and folds, changing facial contours, removing double chin.

Never have with sadness to think about her age, because well, you can always look. Any woman, even breaking the age limit 50-60 years, can have a fresh and attractive appearance, if it is to care for your skin, follow a diet, abandon bad habits. To stay longer young and healthy, you also need the youth to pay attention to your body, and then all the process of aging, despite the years, will be developed less intensively.