How to be beautiful? Spring rejuvenation programme

In any representative of the beautiful half will help a simple program consisting of several paragraphs.

Internal purge.

Rejuvenation in the spring1

The skin always reflects the state of the intestine, so the body must be kept under control. Over time, the walls of the intestine accumulates any "debris", from which you can remove with a tissue. It has properties that make it similar to a sponge: it is not absorbed by the body, fiber to scrape the walls of the stuck on pieces of rotting food and toxins, and then promotes their excretion. The richest source of fiber is bran. Contain these fibers in many fruits and vegetables, e.g., pumpkin, beets, string beans, carrots, avocados.

On the condition of the intestines also reflects a complete rejection of sugar and fried, smoked, salty foods. The first few days of rejection of such foods usually given difficult, but then the body gets used, and the temptation to eat something delicious disappears. However, if you want to eat instead of biscuits or sweets you can eat a mix of nuts and dried fruits: delicious, and very helpful.

External cleansing.

Early spring is the perfect time for such cosmetic procedures, like hardware or mechanical cleaning, diamond polishing and exfoliating fruit acids. If the opportunity to visit a beautician, you can turn to home peeling. As a scrub at home, it is recommended to use clay, ground oatmeal, coffee, ground rice, brown sugar. Before the procedure, the skin must be cleaned and soar.

Rejuvenation of the skin.

In the beauty salon for this there are a variety of treatments: mesotherapy, biorevitalization, the rate of alginate masks, photorejuvenation, Facials. Homemade alternative to these procedures may be the course of masks made by one of the following recipes:

Rejuvenation in the spring2
  • Squeeze fresh tomato juice, take 2 tablespoons, mix with the same amount of wheat flour, apply on cleansed face. Keep a quarter of an hour.
  • Brewer's yeast (dried) pour the milk to make a thick slurry. Wait 5 minutes until the mixture rises, applied to the skin. Wash off after 15 to 20 minutes after application.
  • Take equal parts of cottage cheese and kiwi (about 2 tablespoons of each ingredient), grind the mixture with a blender to keep the skin about a quarter of an hour.

The hair restoration.

After winter the hair becomes very brittle, falling out much. To spice things up in the spring are advised to undergo such procedures as the haircut hot scissors, laminating, ozone therapy scalp linitionem. At home you can make masks with different oils (preferably coconut, cocoa butter, a mixture of castor and burdock), cleaning of the scalp and massage comb wooden comb.

Rejuvenation in the spring3

The locomotor activity.

This can be running, swimming, dancing or training on simulators. Whatever the activity, it is in any case will benefit: banish melancholy, improve metabolic processes in the body get rid of extra inches at the waist and hips.