If the skin on the face is peeling, what to do? Causes peeling and ways of its elimination

Flaky and irritated skin is the first signal that the body requires attention, it is not all right. The problem of flaking of the skin most exposed to the female sex because of the characteristic activities of glands. Men, as a rule, the mentioned trouble does not occur. If the skin on the face is peeling, what to do in such a situation, it is imperative to know. Because everything has an explanation.

Causes peeling – external factors and improper care

The skin is different in type-oily, normal or dry. Which one is more prone to the aforementioned problem. As a rule, more dry skin flakes. What to do if it fails, and only increases?

First of all, the reason for this process is the lack of moisture in the body. A lot of troubles brings and the environment: wind, cold days, burning sun, the absence of normal air in heated rooms in winter. From all the above is very flaky skin on my face. What to do in such cases? Remember that these phenomena cause the skin to suffer, regardless of their type. Need to take care of her and protect her.

But, carrying out maintenance, the main thing – do not overdo it. After all, with excessive care, facial skin peels off and reddens. What if the care you have achieved the opposite effect? First, you cannot face too often and carefully to wash. Hot water and Soaps it is better to exclude from use. The latter has on the face of the aggressive influence, depriving it of its natural protection. This leads to irritation and dryness of the skin.

In this case, it is recommended not to use ordinary soap, and replace it with a means to cleanse the skin with a large enough measure of fat. It will be good if there is cream.

It is advised not too hard to RUB the skin when washing. As sensitive it may be damaged and will certainly speak peeling. Should gently to wet face, removing the moisture with it.

Lack of vitamins

The complete absence of vitamins or their deficiency causes scaly skin on the face. What to do in this case? Especially transparent body hint about this in the spring and winter. To help he can replenish whatever is needed. Needs vitamin enhanced support. You need to eat more fruit, and use nourishing cream with high fat.


That is a provocateur peeling skin? Very often it occurs as an allergic reaction to added to the wash substances. They contained lanolin acid is a strong allergen. Also, the skin reacts sensitively to the flowering of plants, foods, medications. In cases of poisoning the body the result can be clearly visible on the face.

If the skin on the face is peeling, what to do with the cleanser? How to choose the only right of the masses represented in the sale? Only the competent expert advice can help in this matter. You should not delay with the visit to the doctor in the presence of intense and persistent itching. This phenomenon may occur not due to simple irritation, but due to the presence of infectious skin diseases such as seborrhea, psoriasis. In this case, it is imperative as soon as possible to seek help. Because delay of treatment can lead to long struggle with the problem and negative consequences. A dermatologist will be able to determine the cause of this skin condition and prescribe effective treatment.

Dry skin

As already mentioned, the main enemy of the skin – lack of moisture in it. What if the dry skin flakes? What to do? How to moisturize? It is necessary to eliminate the arisen defect. Namely, to stop to wash with soap. It significantly dries the skin. Soap is necessary to replace soft and delicately detergents, not containing alcohol. It can be various gels, foams, mousses, lotions. The main thing that they were not alcohol.

If you wash with soap it is impossible to stop, then you need to choose soap containing moisturizing cream or oil. After washing, carefully and gently Pat skin with a towel. The final stages will serve to wipe the face tonic and apply moisturizing cream. Such measures to protect the skin from drying out.

But in any case do not try to use alcohol funds. Before you apply the makeup on the skin, read the label, which indicates its composition. At the mere mention of alcohol, abstain from purchase or use of the funds. It is very dry skin and will only worsen the situation.

Peeling of the skin on the face1

Cream choose the most suitable for that time of the year which is outside the window. If it is winter, it is necessary to use special winter tools. Since they have more percentage of fat that serves as a protective barrier from the cold air. Should remember one Golden rule: the cream is applied to the person not later than half an hour before going outside. Otherwise you'll be freezing in the dermis, and pieces of ice will break the skin. The top layer it will look as if covered with spider veins.

Treatment hydrocortisone cream

If the skin on the face is peeling, what to do to prevent this phenomenon? How to cure it? If the peeling of the skin manifested itself, it will go about its treatment. This well help hydrocortisone cream. The affected areas need to be lubricated once a day for about two weeks. After the expiration of the specified time the treatment should be discontinued. As the cream is not classified as cosmetic products. This medicinal drug.

Funds with dexpanthenol

That peeling skin on the face. What to do if the process has already consumed a large enough space and can not be moisturizing the funds? There are effective medicines containing dexpanthenol. Very well they help in cases when the skin can no longer defend itself and recover itself without support.

Soft scrub

If flaking has arisen due to any disease, you have to try to get rid of this problem. In the case of lack of connection between disease and irritation, for example, if just winter dry skin on face what to do in such cases is familiar to everyone. First removed the layer has been peeling and keratinization. If you leave, then subsequently perform the procedure will not bring the desired effect for which they are designed.

Peeling of the skin on the face2

For this purpose, use soft scrub. Scrubs with abrasive particles is not recommended to use due to the fact that they are very dry and injure the skin. For the face it is best to prepare the peeling of the product at home. It will be the most mild and will not harm an already ailing skin.

Perfect oatmeal, which you must pour boiling water and infuse for about twenty minutes. Then in brewing thus the mass, add the egg and apply on face. This motion of the fingers should be gentle massage. In any case, you can not force RUB the scrub. Easy enough to massage the skin for a few minutes. In addition oatmeal is a good effect, have a coffee, apples, cucumbers, watermelon. They need to wipe the face.

The problem with men

It happens that flakes the skin on the man's face. What to do if it still occurs irritation after shaving? Men's sebaceous glands do not work as female. Therefore, the irritation from them if there is, then only from shaving. But, most likely, in poor quality blade or used. In this case, to eliminate irritation can be quite easily and quickly. One has only to change the shaver and money.

Peeling of the skin on the face3

The honey will help!

Well exfoliates the skin helps honey. Quite a mixture of honey and water gently massage the face. The bee product will stick actinic skin flakes, and they are removing with your fingers. Upon completion of this procedure, it is necessary to wash and lubricate face moisturizer.

Proper diet – the key to healthy skin

Some severely dry skin on my face. What to do in such cases dietary? Careful and constant monitoring of this area of his life. It is recommended to eat fresh vegetables and fruits in large quantities. This recommendation includes eggs, milk, brown bread, nuts. In the winter, don't skip taking vitamins. And, of course, less to eat muffins and sweets.

Folk remedies

If the skin on the face is peeling, what to do, tell nature itself. Fats, dairy products, egg yolks... That those means are always at hand, which can effectively rid the face from unpresentable appearance and to eliminate the problem of peeling.

The most important thing – the skin always receive good needed food and was quite moist. But if you lost sight of her needs and noticed flaky region, do not despair. Make a home mixture of honey, egg yolks and vegetable oil and apply it on face for few minutes.

Cheese with a high fat content and the same cream is an effective solution when peeling and irritation of the skin. The components of the equivalent particles are mixed and the mixture cover the entire face.

No matter from which it was prepared masks, you should know that to keep them on the face within fifteen minutes or twenty. After that their remains are removed with cotton swabs, face washed. Then applied a nourishing cream.

Tips for face care that will help to avoid problems with scaling of the skin

Face should be treated very carefully and gently. It is impossible with the power to RUB. Should be protected from mechanical damage.

You also need to regularly engage in the prevention of skin diseases and dermatological manifestations of skin allergies.

In the summer time when there is increased sweating and, consequently, the body loses its water reserves need to replenish them from outside, to drink plenty of fluids.

It is not necessary to panic, noticing signs of flaky skin. It is important to identify the cause of this phenomenon and in a timely manner to resolve it. Watch what your body responds to these skin manifestations.