How to choose a face mask: a master class

Since ancient times women used to wear a mask. Mask based on clay and milk and honey were valued by one of the famous Cleopatra. Centuries later women to maintain her beauty continued to use those products that were easier to get. Women not only drank black tea with milk, but and rubbed his skin. The Spaniards imposed on the face of mashed boiled beans. A Bulgarian beauties preferred the pulp of sweet pepper. Fortunately, in the Arsenal of modern ladies a lot more ingredients and tools. Why masks are so necessary even with regular use, other beauty products?

Why use

First, a mask for the skin performs the same function as fertilizer for the earth. The farmer will not receive a harvest from the barren soil. The modern woman will not "bloom and smell" without any special cosmetic products.

Second, no other tool does not solve the problem so purposefully and point. Until the cream is prevention and maintaining a normal balance in the epidermis, the mask hits the target: solve a specific problem, whether it is moisturizing, whitening or lifting.

Thirdly, the mask is different from the cream time skin contact: no more than a quarter of an hour one or two times a week. But little does not mean bad. Just masked the concentration of beneficial active ingredients exceeds their content in the cream and even serum. Therefore, fifteen or even five minutes is enough to ensure that all the benefits went to the skin.

How to use

  1. The mask must be applied on clean scrub and tonic skin.
  2. Make a mask only when it is not going to go out. For clean skin dust and smog – the real aggressors.
  3. Cleansing masks can't walk and even speak, can only lie. Otherwise worsen the appearance of wrinkles.
  4. Rinse with damp palms and massage gently.
  5. Facials can cause the skin around the eyes – here it is drier and thinner.
  6. For the combined type of skin to do the mask separately for the cheeks and T-zone.
  7. Neither mask is not able to pull toxins from the skin. This is a job for the liver.
  8. When to use

    If necessary mask that address different issues you can use every day, alternating. In summer, the skin need the most cleaning, spring accent to do better at toning, nutrition and radiance, and winter by the mitigating masks. Whitening mask can be done in the fall. Moisturize the skin needs all year round. And of course, don't forget to choose the mask not only based on the problem, but bearing in mind the type of your skin.

    The types of face masks

    In texture

    Of the mask film

    These masks exfoliate well solidified particles, making the matte surface of the epidermis and tightens pores. They also have antiseptic, astringent effect, therefore especially good for oily skin. Made of the mask film based on polyvinyl alcohol. After applying the composition solidifies, turning into a film. When removing the skin gets rid of dead cells and sebaceous plugs.

    Homemade recipe: Mix a teaspoon of gelatin in two table spoon of hot milk. Apply the mixture on the face and hold until set.


    Solve any problems and suitable for all skin types. The main difference from the other masks in the absence of the need to wash them out.

    Face mask what to choose1


    They can help to fight against wrinkles, irritation, puffiness, sagging and dark circles under the eyes. Except for cleansing the skin are not suitable. Impregnated by a serum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids. Thanks to a textile basis of these active ingredients are better absorbed into the deeper layers of the dermis.

    As intended


    These masks are always used before any other types of masks. They remove particles under the surface of the epidermis. The composition of these masks are the best absorbents – bentonite clay or kaolin (porcelain or white clay). Best of all, when the mask is both. In the process of drying they absorb sebum. But the more the composition of the bentonite, the longer the mask is dry. And, the more of kaolin, the land is the skin. These masks can not be kept for longer on the face of the rules. Otherwise, the skin gets tired and absorbs the dirt that gave.

    Face mask what to choose2

    Homemade recipe: Mix one tablespoon of kaolin powder (available at pharmacies) with milk until the consistency of sour cream.

    Moisturizing and nourishing

    Often moisture and nutrition go hand in hand. Therefore suitable for all skin types. Usually the main component is hyaluronic acid.

    Homemade recipe: Squeeze the juice of a quarter orange. Add egg yolk and a teaspoon of olive oil. Lightly whisk.


    Also the package can be specified "mask", "simulation", "toning" or "beauty mask". One goal: to prolong youthfulness of the skin. Thanks to the collagen, they improve the complexion, relieve swelling, reduce nasolabial folds, tighten the oval of the face. At the first signs of aging anti-aging-masks should be used every 10 days.

    Home recipe: Blend two tablespoons of oatmeal finely ground egg whites.


    Whitening mask are mainly used if you need to lighten freckles or age spots. They also even skin tone.

    Home recipe: Use any homemade mask for your skin type by adding lemon juice or just wipe your face with it.


    Mask-radiance often contain reflective or pearlescent particles. However, their presence is not justified, since the mask will still have to wash off. Another option is just make the skin healthy, and therefore glowing from the inside.


    When mixing special ingredients mask produces carbon dioxide. His skin absorbs, the amount of oxygen in the cells increases. Through this process actively produces its own collagen and hyaluronic acid. Oxygen masks differ in the type of actions: they can clean, moisturize, give elasticity. In your own kitchen not to cook.


    Cosmetologists believe that the best time for skin care. When the body is asleep, he relaxes and gets the most from your beauty masks. Night masks usually have a creamy texture and well-absorbed. But it should not be applied before bedtime moisturizer: this can cause unwanted swelling.


    Homemade masks should be prepared immediately before use. To avoid oxidation, mix the ingredients recommended in metal, in porcelain or glass container.