Do the Chinese facial massage for rejuvenation of the skin and the entire body

In China women to adulthood know how to preserve the youth and sexuality. To do this, they are gifts of nature, preparing decoctions of different herbs, making wraps and masks. Healing power is vested in the massage. With the help of different types can not only turn back the clock, but to get rid of serious ailments.

The body is completely relaxed, because during a session is the effect on the skin, muscles and bones. Using biologically active points on the face master works on the whole body, relieving fatigue, relieving nervous tension, stimulating metabolic processes. Activates the regeneration of skin cells, the body begins to work at a different pace, producing a greater amount of collagen and elastin.

Using Chinese face massage is the impact on the organs of smell, hearing and sight. This may result in a comprehensive healing. We need to learn it for a long time, and in many cases to devote to training a significant part of life.

The complex of exercises of Chinese massage of the face ↑

If there are any obstacles for visiting a massage parlor, to return the skin to its former appeal is possible and in house conditions, by conducting a simple set of exercises and devoting no more than 1 hour a day.

Chinese facial massage for rejuvenation begins with cleansing and apply nourishing oil cold-pressed. The procedure will ensure the best absorption, saturation of the skin with vitamin E, so essential to her youth.

Chinese facial rejuvenation1

It is necessary to master a total of 8 exercises, each repeated 10 times. The first thing is rectified back, RUB your palms until they heat. You can then proceed directly to the massage.

  • To fold their hands "cupped" and attach them to the face. Eyes perform a circular motion and very often to blink.
  • Gently squeeze the bases of the palms on the eyeballs.
  • The same movements with your thumbs on the inner corners of the eyes.
  • Index fingers to massage the nasal septum in a circular motion. Then stroking the bottom of the nose wings.
  • Fingertips tapping on the cheeks, first reinforcing effects, then relaxing.
  • Push the chin forward and grab the top lip of the bottom. The skin under the chin will tighten and it is necessary a little pressure. To make such motion to the entire surface of the lower jaw.
  • Middle fingers to massage the auricle downwards in a circular motion.
  • Apart with your fingers to hold the head from forehead to nape, in the end, gently RUB the neck.

Facial massage spoons ↑

Visible anti-aging results at home can be achieved with the help of two teaspoons. Cutlery is better to choose from silver or Nickel silver. You will also need olive oil and chamomile. This Chinese massage with spoons video will help to hold the first session.

It is necessary to prepare a decoction of chamomile and pour it into two containers. In one fluid needs to be cold, and secondly, it is necessary to maintain a high temperature. For this you can put the glass into a small pan with hot water so the broth will cool down much more slowly.

Massage is best done in the morning immediately after washing. Techniques repeat 10 times.

  • To remove the puffiness above the eyes, bags and dark circles underneath the spoon dipped in cold water and applied alternately to the upper and lower eyelids for a few seconds.
  • For wrinkles on the forehead of a spoon heated in hot broth, sprinkle with oil, applied to the base of the eyebrows. Then in a circular motion move them to the temples.
  • To get rid of double chin and wrinkles on the neck can be hot spoons, oiled. They need to carry out from the base of the neck to the chin.
  • To soften the nasolabial folds to lighten up, then hot spoons, oiled, tapping in that area for 10 seconds.
  • To eliminate wrinkles, problem area massage hot spoon in a clockwise direction, then in the opposite direction. Then the same movements to do cold spoons.
Chinese facial rejuvenation2
Good to know! The effect of the procedure will be more effective if the back side of the spoon to smear honey. In this case, the skin will be a fraction of a second to lift by stimulating blood circulation.

By conducting such procedure, you can look younger by 15 years, without resorting to radical measures.

Taoist face massage ↑

Interesting and useful in that it is based not so much massage, as an exchange of energy. It provides unobstructed flow in the channels of the body, forming the basis of health, youth and long life.

Each area of the skin on the face displays the condition of internal organs. Specialist, at a glance, can immediately determine health problems. Will give them acne, blemishes and wrinkles.

Is Taoist facial massage to rejuvenate the whole body. Working on specific points, it is possible to harmonize the flow of energy and start the process of cleansing cells. During the procedure, the patient completely relaxes. When this occurs, the skin, muscle and bone system.

Chinese facial rejuvenation3

Before the session, the epidermis must be cleaned. If necessary, apply the peel. The impact on biologically active points, improves blood flow, helps to lift facial contours, removal of waste and toxins. Additionally, the wizard affects the internal organs, contributing to the treatment and prevention of diseases. In addition massage is performed the neck area, which helps get rid of headaches, relieve nervous tension and stress.

The session lasts about an hour. Shown to men and women. Gives good results in the treatment of alcoholism, chronic fatigue, migraines, the effects of stress. Effective with the obvious signs of aging of the skin, as a preventive measure.

Contraindications for are:

  • infectious disease;
  • chronic diseases in exacerbation stage;
  • problems cancer;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • skin diseases.

Massage Gua-Sha

↑ A relatively new type of impact is the massage guasha face. It solves many problems and is held by means of plates made of a Buffalo horn, or jade.

During the procedure, you start the rejuvenation process and repair the skin. Very effective not only in the apparent signs of aging, but for acne, pigmentation, eliminate scars, get rid of headaches, treatment and recovery of internal organs.

It combines point-Meridian plastic types and is complemented by the use of natural cosmetics. Face massage guasha lasts about an hour. For a comprehensive treatment, it is necessary to go through 10 sessions with a frequency of 1-2 times a week.

Tibetan face massage

↑ Not less interesting and useful Tibetan face massage. It is done by applying pressure to certain points, avoiding stretching of the skin. When performing acupressure hormone responsible for youthfulness of the body, relieving stress and apathy.

This is a fairly complicated procedure, but Tibetan face massage in a simplified version you can do at home.

For the session apply the essential oil. Them miracle effective known for a long time. Only as a basic framework you should use the avocado oil or jojoba.

  • The pads of my fingers to hold on both sides of the neck from top to bottom, avoiding the area of the thyroid gland.
  • Clasped a palm the boat, making movement from one ear to the other.
  • Pressure from the bone under the nose in a straight line to the ears, and then glide without clicking lower down on the cheeks.
  • Pressure on the wings of the nose upwards.
  • Pressure with your fingers at the base of the eyebrow, gradually moving such motions on forehead to temples.
  • Light circular movements with fingertips around the eyes.

With regular carrying out of massage of the face pores become narrower, the skin will take on a fresh look, eyes Shine. By improving the circulation of blood will become a beautiful complexion will eliminate the bags under the eyes, stop torturing headaches. More expensive health nothing, so you must find the time for the procedure.