How to rejuvenate skin at home: the secrets of effective rapid rejuvenation

With age, the skin loses moisture. due to what is no longer so elastic, changing the color of the face (now he is not so fresh), etc. Procedures to skin rejuvenation, can be carried out in specialized salons and also at home. In search queries popularity has a request: "How to quickly rejuvenate the face in a home or rejuvenation facial at home: rapid results", which indicates the importance of this issue. In the following article will describe home rejuvenation, which is applicable at home.

In ancient times women took care of his body and face, not to remain indifferent to the male gaze. Only remember Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, who daily bathing in milk to maintain her beauty.

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Care tips

Typically, the process of caring for skin at home, or another home rejuvenation, not so much and requires daily use for a long time. Before you start intensive treatments aimed at skin rejuvenation, it is necessary to exclude from everyday life:

  1. Alcohol, tobacco products, fatty foods. It is better to balance your diet and go on a proper diet;
  2. Do not abuse the exposure to the sun;
  3. To drink during the day, plenty of water, and various beverages such as tea and coffee do not count.

Many women wonder, "How to rejuvenate facial skin at home". Facial rejuvenation at home a quick result is unlikely, however, to maintain the General condition of these procedures is quite real. So, let us consider the basic ways of maintaining feminine beauty.

The main methods of rejuvenation at home

To rejuvenate the skin you can use masks. The mask is distinguished by its rapid application and easy to use. Any mask should be applied on well cleansed face massaging gently. To buy a mask for rejuvenation-both in the pharmacy and store with decorative cosmetics. Don't be surprised the high cost of these creams and masks because it is a kind of investment in yourself, your beauty, your confidence. If the time to begin to care for themselves, in the future, you may need less creams and masks.

In addition to ready-made masks, they can be prepared from readily available products that are likely to be in the house every housewife. For anti-aging masks using products such as egg yolk, honey, oatmeal, etc. the product List simple, and they are pennies in comparison with ready-made masks.

In order for the mask effect was more noticeable, it is recommended once a week to exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and essential vitamins to better penetrate the skin. A means for peeling can also be bought in the store, and it is possible to use improvised products. Such products include ground coffee, which in addition to the natural exfoliation gives the skin a subtle Golden sheen.

Effective mask for rejuvenation: recipes

Consider the rejuvenation at home for example masks. Below are the recipes of masks that you can prepare at home.

  • Rejuvenate the face at home by using herbal masks for the skin. For the preparation of this mask we need five types of fresh plucked herbs: leaves of currant, lime, strawberry, plantain and yarrow. All the herbs mix and cut into small pieces so that it gave the juice, after which the resulting mixture pour hot water and let stand, cool down then apply on desired area and allowed to stand for 30 minutes;
  • Skin rejuvenation of the face using masks with milk. As mentioned earlier, even the ancient women knew about the benefits of milk in cosmetology and used it to their advantage. In a modern interpretation of the recipe of the mask with milk as follows. Flour diluted with warm milk to the state of sour cream, then add the chicken egg yolk, mix to form a slurry and apply on face. Apply the face mask for 20 minutes. The most appropriate posture for carrying out of time with the mask is an horizontal posture, relax and think about something good.

There are some very common recipes of milk masks:

  • In warm milk dissolve the yeast dry powder until the consistency of sour cream. Then to the resulting mixture add the lemon juice, Flaxseed oil and honey, sour cream, all carefully mix and put on face for 20 minutes;
  • Moisturizing mask. Dry skin is the first sign of early appearance of wrinkles. To avoid this, you need to regularly moisturize the skin and make moisturizing mask. In order to rejuvenate the face at home, it is used to moisten a mask of just made mashed potatoes (previously it must be cool) and leave for 20 minutes;
  • Express rejuvenation facial with egg white. If you notice that your complexion has become pale and began to appear the first wrinkles, we recommend you to try the rejuvenation of the skin with a mask from egg whites. For its preparation you need protein vzbit in dense foam, then add the flour and honey and mix until smooth. Apply the face mask for 20 minutes.

Rejuvenating oil

In addition to the products that you can easily find in the kitchen for homemade masks are also recommended to use oils as additives to mask and cream:

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  • Rose oil promotes rapid healing, lifting of facial contours, smoothing of wrinkles;
  • Rosemary also struggles with fine wrinkles, improves blood flow.

All of these oils can be purchased at the pharmacy for a relatively conservative prices. In addition to adding these oils to the cream, also they can just wipe the face along the massage lines, and after 20 minutes remove with a tissue excess.

The ice is for face rejuvenation

Apart from using creams for rejuvenation, as toning can in the morning instead of the usual cleanser to use ice cubes:

  • Wipe face with ice cubes to smoothly and strictly along the massage lines;
  • Wipe the face with towel after this procedure, not necessary, allow the moisture to soak into the skin;
  • Ice cubes can be made from decoctions of herbs, which also have a positive impact on your beauty.
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I'm sure many have heard about the properties of folic acid and Niacin. In the home these products can be found in pickled cabbage. Cheesecloth or some other material which absorbs moisture, is placed in a brine of sauerkraut, then this gauze put on the face and keep for 20 minutes. After the procedure face better to wash with warm water.


So, to summarize all of the above. Every girl wants to stay attractive at any age. Dull complexion, fine lines, dry skin — all these are the first signs of age-related changes, the body tells you that he needs help in the maintenance of female beauty. However, not everyone can afford salon care, expensive cosmetic treatments.

Rejuvenate the face in house conditions it is possible, but first you need patience. Skin rejuvenation at home is much cheaper than salon care and professional makeup, so, time to start finding time for yourself and care for themselves. Facial rejuvenation at home fast result do not give, it is more cumulative. Timely taken measures to eliminate the first signs of skin aging — the key to a long, well-tended look of your skin and admiring glances of men. Pay attention to yourself and be irresistible!