How to preserve the youthfulness of the skin

But if I had to take myself in hand and throwing the reflection of the call, is still fixable. To prolong youth is possible. And for a long time. And it's not expensive facelifts or Botox. Quite a bit to settle down, comb routine to review habits and learn to respect your skin, caring for it properly.

1. To avoid the direct rays.

Tan perfectly "stick" in the shade, for example, if you lie under a canopy. Walking along the street in summer, try to hide the face. Too bad it's not in fashion graceful lace umbrellas, which went a lady in the nineteenth century.

Today there are a lot of very interesting modern hats that can protect the facial skin, and highlight your style. But don't count on the straw hats: they pass ultraviolet light.

2. Do not spray the skin in the sun.

Many people like to sunbathe "wet". So, they say, the tan faster stick. But the sun, focusing in the drop, may get more burn on the skin than on a dry surface. And then do not pass spots.

Another thing, if you tan in the shade. Then moisturize the skin – a sweet deal.

3. Protective cream

Special cosmetics from the sun is as "our father." In the summer without a cream on the face, even garbage is not to be removed!

SPF factor prevents the effects of UV on the skin and prevents dehydration. When choosing a remedy, consider the time of year and skin type:

  • In the spring enough of the usual day cream with SPF 15 to 30, summer 30.
  • If the skin is thin and sensitive, or you've recently done peeling, the cream is selected with an SPF of 45-50 .
  • There is a special cream that takes into account the tendency of the skin to pigmentation or formation of the capillary network .

It is best to buy the tool that manufacturer, to which you have become accustomed to using a regular care products and cosmetics.

Proper nutrition

Discard fat and sweet food I had and for the preservation of the body, and for healthy skin. It turns out that everything we eat and drink, reflects on our face in the literal sense of the word:

  • Sweets "revenge" pimples;
  • spices – black dots;
  • tea and coffee – an ugly complexion.

Conversely, if you take care of the normal amount of vitamins, fiber and minerals, the skin becomes smooth and glowing from the inside. The diet must be

  • fruits and vegetables (preferably raw);
  • low-fat dairy products (the best yogurt);
  • nuts and dried fruits (they are easy to replace candy);
  • fish and seafood.

If vegetarianism is not for you , then it is advisable to consume only low-fat poultry and veal.

It is very important to drink plenty of clean water (up to 2 liters per day) to restore the normal balance of the skin. But I advise you to increase the amount of fluid gradually to avoid swelling of the legs and under the eyes.

Sports & fitness

Healthy young skin is impossible without physical exercise. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, be sure to take time for sports. Movements warm up the blood that provides the tissue the best diet. In addition, trained muscles keep the skin in good shape.

Need to train not only the body but also the face. There is even a special gymnastics, allowing to keep the skin young for a long time:

How to preserve the youthfulness of the skin2
  • exercises with bulging lip and lower jaw;
  • you to put language;
  • the maximum rounding startled eyes.

It all looks incredibly hilarious, but it brings great benefit to the person. Most importantly, do not do such exercises in a public place. I once got carried away, faithfully repeating the exercise for the face in the subway... I'll Never forget the views, which I then accompanied the whole car!

Sleep mode

Lack of sleep is one of the worst enemies of beauty. The skin is restored only if regular relaxation. Because it is important that the time allotted for sleep, didn't go to waste (I mean, not to be spent on insomnia or nightmares).

To fall asleep quickly and soundly help the following tricks:

  1. Go to bed at the same time. The body becomes accustomed to the regime and will work like a clock.
  2. Do not watch TV at night and do not read Newspapers. Especially crime news.
  3. Drink peppermint tea with honey. It calms the nervous system and improves the complexion.
  4. Ventilate the bedroom and do not sleep in hot pajamas.

In General, sleep is very important not only for skin but for your condition and the whole organism.

Mode is desirable not only to sleep but also eating and training.

Cosmetics and facial masks

Nutrition is essential the skin inside and outside. That is, in addition, we provide the body with vitamins and a balanced diet, we take care of the outer shell too.


May slow skin aging with the use of modern cosmetics:

  • wrinkle cream;
  • anti-aging gel;
  • moisturizing and nourishing masks.

Cream and gel is selected according to skin type and age. The effectiveness of the product is enhanced by collagen and elastin included. In addition, a quality cream that is used to maintain the youthfulness of your face, definitely contains substances with antioxidant action

Nourishing mask

These remedies for face care can be purchased in pharmacies and beauty salons, but you can adopt the wisdom of the people.

I like a versatile recipe using eggs. Separately beat the whites with the lemon juice. And the yolk is ground up with honey. The first mask is applied after a deep cleansing face and well-pores. And the second restores the epidermis and nourishes the skin.

Herbal tea

Very useful to rinse the face after washing with decoctions of herbs:

  • chamomile;
  • the celandine;
  • calendula.

The prescription for all decoction one: two tablespoons dry grass pour half a liter of boiling water and steamed for ten minutes over low heat. When the broth has cooled, it should drain.

For each washing use the fresh broth. I'm a girl a few lazy, because I like the second option: once a week I boil the herbs (mix all three components) and make broth ice cubes. In the morning, after wash, wipe the face with a pair of dice. This method is perfectly tones skin.

Why you need thermal water

Another enemy of the skin is dry. If you are a long time in hot or air-conditioned environment, definitely need to freshen up the face.

And what was my surprise when I once heard from colleagues about special means for spraying a face!

It turns out that the thermal water in spray form not only spoils the makeup, but even strengthens it. Just spray her in the face at a distance of about 30-40 cm and wait half a minute till the moisture dries (you can gently blot any excess with a tissue).

Later, I learned a lot about this wonderful tool:

  1. Use thermal water not only at work but at home: before applying the cream, post peel or face cleansing.
  2. The composition of the water enriched with minerals, vitamins, extracts of herbs and even oils.
  3. Some manufacturers choose components for targeted anti skin problems: sensitivity, predisposition to frequent acne, etc.

For example, the thermal water is weakly mineralized. It relieves inflammation and is well suited to dry thin skin. Or containing selenium, which preserves from early aging and is simply indispensable in the summer heat.

Indeed, the modern woman is easy to preserve youthfulness of skin. So many possibilities! It would be a desire and patience.