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Collamask - Rejuvenating cream mask for the face

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Collamask — a cream mask for the face, created on the basis of the latest research in the field of cosmetology, as well as scientific developments in the field of dermatology. New cooking technology allowed to realize a unique formulation which helps to regain the youthfulness of the skin. Formula mask enriched with collagen, which nourishes the skin to the core, restoring their natural elasticity and strength.

The uniqueness of this mask is its effectiveness, rests on its roots in carefully designed and patented the formula, which is unique.

The key to the effectiveness of steel natural and organic components. Chemical additives are limited to the minimum necessary to strengthen the rendered natural substances effect.

After the first application Collamask face becomes visible result:

  • Skin has a healthy hue;
  • Missing slight wrinkles;
  • Improves structure of the skin, minor imperfections disappear;
  • The skin is tightened, and restore the normal humidity.

Regular use of facial masks Collamask improves the overall health indicators of the epidermis and makes the skin softer.

Unique cosmetic using restorative properties of its main component, produces a rejuvenating effect. It fights arising in the normal course of functioning of skin problems. Mask Collamask — one of the best proven remedies to restore the structure of cells in the human protective shell.

The majority of the reviews on the drug is reduced to one: the skin becomes tighter, wrinkles appear less deep, facial hollows are almost disappearing, improves complexion, there is a real rejuvenation. And these reviews about the mask Collamask and from customers, and from experts (doctors).

Thousands of women in the UK and Europe and Asia have already experienced a stunning effect of means on care of face skin. They claim that after prolonged use of the cream, the skin just looks younger!!!

How does the cream for the face Collamask

Collamask create

Mask Collamask was created using a profound knowledge of biochemical processes that occur under the visible layer of the skin. Penetrating into the deep layers of the epidermis, the cream restores a number of functions that the body performs worse and worse:

  1. Restores normal levels of blood microcirculation, allowing you to deliver the skin missing nutrients;
  2. Improving the nutrition of cells, making them more resistant to the aging process;
  3. Strengthen the walls of cells, returns the skin its elasticity;
  4. Wrinkles, and skin to regain its normal, healthy color.

Based on the above, it becomes clear that Collamask for the face works on addressing the root causes of aging skin, not covering up symptoms. The constant use of the mask will feel like the skin returns to its former youth and strength.

Not to say that the innovative design completely removes all the wrinkles. It is only plastic surgery or some Botox. The principle of operation of the cream is reduced to another active components of the drug penetrate the skin, moisturizing and nourishing it. Cells become more elastic. They seem to relax, come out of dry numbness and smoothed.

Use Collamask allows you to cope even with deep brostoski — they become less noticeable, and eventually all transferred into the category of expression.

Many women are waiting for the promised results after the first week of use Collamask. So before you notice that only the moisturizing effect. Wrinkles are formed over many years, the skin for a long period of time lends itself to the negative impact, the top layer of the protective coating gradually loses its natural properties. Therefore, the described universal product takes time to restore the functions of the dermis and epidermis, to revitalize them, to help to regenerate.

Before and after use Collamask

Collamask before-after 1 Collamask before-after 2 Collamask before-after 3

The cream Collamask

Collagen is a basic element Collamask. A substance produced by the human skin in a natural way, however, due to age-related changes in the amount gradually reduced. The main goal of collagen is to prevent dehydration of the skin and keep its elasticity.

  • Collagen

    Compos 1 Collamask

    Collagen — with age, the human body ceases to produce collagen in sufficient quantities. This substance gives the skin elasticity, so its shortage has a substantial impact on the overall health of the skin. The collagen in the mask helps to maintain normal water-salt balance of the skin and returns it to its former elasticity.

  • Essential oil of palmarosa

    Compos 2 Collamask

    Essential oil of palmarosa is often used as the aromatic component. However, the creators of the mask used it as disinfectant and anti-inflammatory drugs.

  • Sodium alginate

    Compos 3 Collamask

    Sodium alginate — an extract from algae, used in cosmetics as a means of having the ability to bind moisture.

  • Amino acids

    Compos 4 Collamask

    Amino acids — a key material for building healthy cells. Insufficient level of amino acids coming from food, is reflected in the rapid aging of the skin cells.

  • Vegetable oil

    Compos 5 Collamask

    Vegetable oil is the ability of vegetable oils to increase the moisture of the skin was seen before our era. Given the nature of the vegetable oils ability to hold on the surface of the skin the necessary moisture and nourish it with nutrients.

  • Blue clay

    Compos 6 Collamask

    Blue clay rich in micro and macro blue clay stimulates circulation and has anti-inflammatory properties. Positive qualities of the clay are also reflected in the narrowing of enlarged pores, starting, regenerative processes and careful cleaning of the skin.

  • In Collamask contains a number of elements that are needed to extend the shelf life. All the phosphates, parabens and sulfates included in the product indicated on the packaging.

Use Collamask

  1. Before apply the mask on the face, be sure to use a cleanser to remove excess oil and fat – so the effect is much more pronounced. You do not need to use scrubs and other exfoliating tools before use Collamask because white clay, which contains in the ingredients, gently cleanses the skin from dead skin particles.
  2. Apply a thick layer to face and neck (if necessary – décolleté) and within 20 minutes just relax or do your usual chores. At the expiration of this time the mask rinse with warm (not hot!) water and blot face with a napkin or clean towel to remove excess moisture.
  3. If you have oily or combination skin – in this case will be enough to use mask 1 time a week, if the dermis is prone to dryness, use the remedy 2 times per 7 days.
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The opinion of the doctor

Dr. James
The doctor-cosmetician

18 years
It is no secret that natural ingredients, which are part of Collamask, is able to provide the skin so it needed additional power. After all, with age, the skin becomes flabby, flabbier and weaker. Cream Collamask gives the face a fresh color, it tightens, minimizing, thus, age-related changes. Collamask passed clinical trials in the UK and received certificates of conformity. That's why I can recommend it to all my patients.